IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica


  • Square brackets [ ] indicate that the name/word is partially or completely restored in this inscription.

Place Attested form Toponym / Ethnic External resource References
Achaios Ἀχαιός Ethnic
Aegeae Aegeates Ethnic
Africa (region) Africanus Ethnic
Alexandria Alexandrinus Ethnic
Altinum Altinatus Ethnic
Antiochia Ἀντιοχεύς Ethnic
Apameia Ἀπαμεύς Ethnic
Apollonia Apolloniata Ethnic
Apollonia Ἀπολλωνιάτης Ethnic
Arsinoe Teuchirensis Ethnic
Arsinoe Ἀρσινοής Ethnic
Astyrian Astur Ethnic
Athens Ἀθηναῖος Ethnic
Autricum Autricus Ethnic
Balagrae Βαλαγρείτης Ethnic
Barke Barcaeus Ethnic
Barke Βαρκαῖος Ethnic
Berenike Βερενικεύς Ethnic
Berenike Βερενίκη Toponym
Britain Britanicus Ethnic
Britain Brittanicus Ethnic
Byzantium/Constantinople νέα Ῥώμη Toponym
Caesareum, Cyrene Caesareum Toponym
Caesareum, Cyrene Καισάρειον Toponym
Caesareum, Ptolemais Καισάρειον Toponym
Cappadocia Cappadocicus Ethnic
Castalian Spring Κασταλία Toponym
Crete and Cyrene (province) Creta et Cyrenae Toponym
Crete and Cyrene (province) Creta et Cyrene Toponym
Crete and Cyrene (province) Κρήτη καὶ Κυρήνη Toponym
Crete Creta Toponym
Crete Κρήτη Toponym
Crete Κρητικός Ethnic
Cyrenaica Cyrenaica Toponym
Cyrenaica Cyrenaicus Ethnic
Cyrenaica Κυρηναϊκή Ethnic
Cyrenaica Κυρηναϊκή Toponym
Cyrene Cyrenae Toponym
Cyrene Cyrenensis Ethnic
Cyrene Κλαυδιόπολις Toponym
Cyrene Κυραναῖοι Ethnic
Cyrene Κυραναῖος Ethnic
Cyrene Κυρηναῖος Ethnic
Cyrene Κυρήνη Toponym
Dacia Ripensis (province) Ripensis Ethnic
Damascus Damascenus Ethnic
Dorian Δωριεύς Ethnic
Dorian Δώριος Ethnic
Egypt Aegyptius Ethnic
Egypt Αἰγύπτιος Ethnic
Egypt Αἴγυπτος Toponym
Ephesos Ἐφέσιος Ethnic
Ephesos Ἔφεσος Toponym
Euphrates Εὐφράτης Toponym
Hellas/Greece Ἕλλην Ethnic
Idoumaios Ἰδουμαῖος Ethnic
India Ὲίνδος Ethnic
Italy Italicus Ethnic
Italy Εἰταλικός Ethnic
Italy Ἰταλία Toponym
Jewish Iudaicus Ethnic
Jewish Ἰουδαικός Ethnic
Jewish Ἰουδαῖος Ethnic
Lakedaimonia Λακεδαιμόνιος Ethnic
Lakonia Λακωνικός Ethnic
Laodicea ad Lycum Ladicenus Ethnic
Laodicea ad Lycum Laodicenus Ethnic
Libya Superior (province) Libua Superior Toponym
Libya Libua Toponym
Lusitania Lusitanus Ethnic
macae Μάκαι Ethnic
Marmarike Μαρμαρίδης Ethnic
Marmarike Μαρμαρικός Ethnic
Marmarike Μαρμαρίτης Ethnic
Miletus Μιλήσιος Ethnic
Mutina/Modena Mutinensis Ethnic
Myropola Μυροπῶλα Toponym
Narbonensis (province) Narbonensis Toponym
Nervii Nerbicus Ethnic
Noricum (province) Noricus Ethnic
Panhellenion Πανελλήνιον Toponym
Paros Ethnic
Paros Πάρινος Ethnic
Paros Πάριος Ethnic
Pentapolis Pentapolis Toponym
Pharos lighthouse Φάρος Toponym
Phison river (Indus) Φίσων Toponym
Phrygia Φρύξ Ethnic
Pontus Ponticus Ethnic
Ptolemaion, Athens Πτολεμαῖον Toponym
Ptolemais Ptolemaensis Ethnic
Ptolemais Ἐλευθερόπολις Toponym
Ptolemais Πτολεμαιεύς Ethnic
Ptolemais Πτολεμαΐτης Ethnic
Ptolomaeum, Cyrene Ptolmaeum Toponym
Ptolomaeum, Cyrene Ptolomaeum Toponym
Ptolomaeum, Cyrene Πτυλυμαῖον Toponym
Rhodes Ῥόδιος Ethnic
Rome Quiris Ethnic
Rome Romanus Ethnic
Rome Roma Toponym
Rome Ῥωμαῖος Ethnic
Rome Ῥώμη Toponym
Samothrace Σαμοθρᾴκιος Ethnic
Spain Hispanus Ethnic
Syria Συρία Toponym
Syria Σύρος Ethnic
Tarentum Terentinus Ethnic
Tarsus Tarsicus Ethnic
Theodorias Θεοδωριάϲ Toponym
Tigris river Τίγρις Toponym
Ἑξάπολις Toponym
Πεντάπολις Toponym