IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

The team

Editorial team

Joyce Reynolds (VIAF, Wikipedia, British Academy) collected and prepared almost all the texts presented here, with the support of many colleagues in Libya and elsewhere.

Charlotte Roueché (ORCID) continued and standardised the editing, adding further texts and refernces, bibliography and translations.

Gabriel Bodard (ORCID) worked with Reynolds and Roueché on the editing and standardisation of texts, and also oversaw the digitisation and the construction of the publication, and use of EpiDoc standards. He was responsible for training many research assistants, student volunteers and other collaborators who worked on the project.

Catherine Dobias-Lalou (VIAF) provided significant editorial assistance, and contributed texts and images; she also provided some translations, as did Alice Bencivenni (ORCID), Hugues Berthelot (VIAF) and Muna Abdelhamed (ORCID). We have received specific contributions from Denis Feissel (VIAF) and Benet Salway (ORCID).

Hafed Walda provided geodata, which formed the basis from which Neil Jakeman created the Heritage Gazetteer of Libya; Walda also contributed an important collection of photographs, as did Dorothy Thorn (VIAF) and Donald White (VIAF).

Muna Haroun provided Arabic tranlsations.

Research assistants

Valentina Asciutti (2008–10)

Caroline Barron (2010–12), ORCID

Ljuba Bortolani (2011–13)

Eleonora Litta (2007-14), ORCID

Pietro Liuzzo (2008–10), ORCID

Maggie Robb (2008–09), ORCID

Charlotte Tupman (2007–08), ORCID

Raffaele Viglianti (2012-16), ORCID

Placement students and other volunteers:

Maria Lucia Amadio (2010–11), Davide Bellini (2014), Gillian Bentley (2010), Maria Giorgia Di Antonio (2010–11), Lucy Felmingham (2009–10), Lousie Flynn (2008–09), Susan Fogarty (2010), Claudia Greco (2011), Lourdes Moya (2010), Adam Steene (2007–08), Duncan Taylor (2008–09), Paola Tomasi (2011)

Further development and design of IRCyr EFES interface

Simona Stoyanova, ORCID

Irene Vagionakis, ORCID

Technical development

The project was based at the Centre for Computing in the Humanities/Department of Digital Humanities and subsequently at King's Digital Lab, King's College London.

Zaneta Au (CCH) was involved in the early planning.

Arianna Ciula, ORCID (KDL), Deputy Director and Senior Research Software Analyst, supported requirements elicitation as part of KDL effort on archiving and sustainability of legacy projects.

Ginestra Ferraro ORCID (KDL), Senior Research Software UI/UX Designer, contributed to the design of IRCyr and HGL.

Neil Jakeman, ORCID (KDL), Senior Research Software Analyst, refined the development and front-end of HGL, still hosted at KDL.

Brian Maher, ORCID (KDL), Senior Research Software Engineer and Systems Administrator, responsible for the physical infrastructure on which IRCyr is currently hosted.

Pam Mellen (KDL), Research Software Project Manager responsible for managing KDL archiving and sustainability effort.

Jamie Norrish (CCH/DDH), independent Developer, worked on EFES.

Miguel Vieira (KDL), Principal Research Software Engineer, worked on the architecture and development of Kiln on which EFES is based.

Tim Watts (KDL), Senior Research Software Systems Manager, is responsible for the physical infrastructure on which IRCyr is currently hosted.