IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

C.761. Fragmentary honours

Description: Marble base broken at the left side (w: 0.63 x h: 0.18 x d: 0.48). On the top are traces of lead attachments for a bronze statue
Text: Inscribed on one face which is chipped at the top and bottom and at both right corners. The lower edge was already damaged when line 3 was cut.
Letters: First century CE : lines 1,2, 0.03; line 3, 0.032.

Date: First century CE

Findspot: Cyrene: findspot unrecorded; seen in 1825 at Cyrene.
Original location: Unknown.
Last recorded location: Tripoli Castle Museum.


[( vac. 2) Ὀ]λ̣υμπιάδα Φιλίσ̣[κω] φύσ<ε>ι δὲ ( vac. 2)
[--- Κλε]ά̣ρχω ἀρετᾶς ἕνεκα καὶ τᾶς ποτὶ τὸς
[θεὸ?]ς̣ χάριν εὐσε( vac. 1)βίας Κυραναῖοι ( vac. 2)




1: CΚΟΥΣΙΔΕΜ CIG, Vol.III Negri, corrected by Franz
2: ΕΝΕΚΑΙΤΑΣ CIG, Vol.III Negri, corrected by Franz

English translation

Translation by: Charlotte Roueché

Olympias (scil. daughter) of Philiskos, by birth of ?Kle]archos; because of her virtue and her piety towards [the Gods], the Cyrenaeans (scil. honoured her)


It is impossible to tell how much is lost at the beginning of the lines. If it is very little, the text might be restored as above. It seems probable, however, that this Olympias belonged to the family recorded in C.41, and was perhaps sister of the Claudia Arata mentioned there as adopted daughter of a Philiskos and natural daughter of Euphanes; if so the restoration should be more like [v. Κλαυδίαν Ὀ]λυμπιάδα Φιλίσ[κω] φύσ(ε)ι δὲ ν. / [Εὐφάνευς γυμνασι]άρχω ἀρετᾶς ἕνεκα καὶ τᾶς ποτὶ τὸς / [θεὸς καὶ θεὰ]ς χάριν εὐσεβίας Κυραναῖοι. C.41 line 4 shows that the family had a connection with the gymasium.

Bibliography: CIG, Vol.III, 5129, from a copy made in 1819 by Fr. Pacifico da Monte Cassiano and passed to Pietro Negri, the Sardinian consul in Tripoli, whence SGDI, 4855; SECir, 1961-1962, 118 p. 290.
Text constituted from: Transcription (Reynolds).


   Fig. 1. Face