IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

C.22. Building inscription from the Basilica

Description: Two limestone blocks in 3 fragments, damaged at both ends.
Text: Inscribed on the face
Letters: First century BCE to first century CE; line 1, 0.11, line 2 0.078-0.86, line 3 0.075, line 4 0.049.

Date: First century BCE to first century CE

Findspot: Cyrene: Basilica, reused in the stylobate; recorded in 1911.
Original location: Findspot
Last recorded location: Cyrene Museum garden, 2008


[--- A]ug̣usti [---]
[.. ? .. B]ruttid[i]o Sabino proc[o(n)s(ul)i ---]
[no]mine Cyrenen[sium] et ciuium Romanorum qui ibi negotiantur et CO [---]
( vac. 8) T(itus) S[c. 6]us Celer praifectus(!) cohortis ( vac. 8)


[.. ? ...]RUTTID[.]OSABINOPROC[...---]

English translation

Translation by: Charlotte Roueché

?Of Augustus: [ . ] Bruttidius Sabinus being proconsul [ . ? . ] in the name of the Cyrenaeans and the Roman citizens who do business there and ? the co[hort?], T(itus) Sc[-] Celer prefect of the cohort.


Line 1: The genitive singular suggests either a dedication to some attribute of a single Augustus, or a monument/image of one. A restoration Augusti[s] would be possible, but a reference to plural Augusti seems less probable at the apparent date of this text.

For the proconsul see RE Suppl. 14 (1974) 76 s.v. Bruttidius; this is so far the only known reference to him.

Bibliography: Gasperini, 1971, B.2, whence AE 1974.671, EDH 011676.
Text constituted from:


   Fig. 1. All blocks (2008, H.Walda)

   Fig. 2. Left end (2008, H.Walda)

   Fig. 3. Centre block (2008, H.Walda)

   Fig. 4. Right end (2008, H.Walda)