IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

T.155. Ephebic names

Description: Sandstone block (w: 0.40 x h: 0.35) from a group inscribed with T.132, T.133, T.134, T.135, T.136, T.137, T.138, T.139, T.140, T.141, T.142, T.143, T.144, T.145, T.727, T.146, T.147, T.148, T.149, T.150, T.151, T.152, T.153, T.154, T.155, T.156, T.157, T.158, T.159, T.160, T.161, T.162. Along fourth inscribed course, to the left of T.153, below T.154
Text: Incised on the face, i above ii above iii.
Letters: i, 0.06; ii, line 1, 0.06; line 2, 0.10. L for ἔτους.

Date: ii: 25/26 AD, iii: 48/49 CE

Findspot: Taucheira: East Wall: in situ on the inner face, the second group south of the east gate.
Original location: Findspot.
Last recorded location: Findspot.


Γι̣λ̣δ̣αν [---]
(ἔτους) νϛ´ Ι[---]
Ἀρισ- ( vac. 1)
(ἔτους) ο̣θ´ [---]


L ΝϚΙ[---]


ii.1: (Ἔτους) νσʹ Oliverio, DAI, 1933-1936; ; also possible is ν΄ ΣΙ[ . . .
iii: Not reported by Oliverio

Italian translation

Translation source: Oliverio, DAI, 1933-1936

Anno 250 Aris-

English translation

Translation by: Editors

(i) Gildan. (ii) Year 56, Aris[- . (iii) Year 79


i: For the name see T.134

ii: The name may have been left incomplete.

Bibliography: ii: Oliverio, DAI, 1933-1936, 176 (vii, 41), pl.LXIV, fig.12 whence SEG 9.447, PHI 324294; revised by Reynolds, 1979-1980, 2, whence Robert, Bulletin Épigraphique, 1981.663, SEG 30.1788,2, PHI 324537.
Text constituted from: Transcription (Reynolds).


   Fig. 1. Upper row: T.145, T.727, blocks 3-5; middle row T.153, blocks 1 and 2, T.154, T.155, T.156, first block; lower row, T.160 (Reynolds NS.II.15)

   Fig. 2. T.156, first block, with T.153 and T.155 above (Reynolds NS.II.18)

   Fig. 3. Upper row: T.145, T.727, blocks 2-5; middle row T.153, T.154, T.155, T.156, first block; lower row, T.160 (Reynolds NS.II.21)

   Fig. 4. View of group (Reynolds NS.II.20)

   Fig. 5. View of group (2008, H.Walda)

   Fig. 6. View of wall (Reynolds, SB.V.300)