IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

C.147. Boundary marker

Description: Fragment of a brown limestone stele (w: 0.42 x h: 0.39 x d: 0.60).
Text: Inscribed on the surviving face
Letters: Average 0.04

Date: 71 CE, second half

Findspot: Cyrene: rre-used in the area of the Agora; found in 1916.
Original location: Unknown
Last recorded location: Cyrene Museum


χικῆς ἐξουσίας]
τ̣ὸ γ̣´ [Αὐτοκράτωρ]
τ̣ὸ η´ πατ̣ὴ̣ρ̣ π̣[ατρί-]
5[δ]ος ὕπατος [τὸ γ´ ]
[δ]εδειγμένος τ[ὸ δ´ ]
[δ]ιὰ Κ(οΐντου) Πακων̣[ίου]
[Ἀ]γριππείνο[υ ἰδί-
ου π]ρεσβευτο[ῦ ...]




Although it is possible, it cannot be taken as certain that the land concerned lay within the city wall; broken as it is, the stone could have been brought from outside with comparative ease.

In line 3 γ is the only figure that corresponds with surviving traces; the date is presumably the second half of 71 as in C.429.

Q. Paconius Agrippinus, for whom see PIR2 P 0027, was active in Cyrenaica under Vespasian, 71-74 CE: see C.147, C.428, C.429, C.430, C.438, C.747, M.68, M.165, M.229, M.230, M.232, M.238, M.239, P.397.

Bibliography: Ghislanzoni, 1916a, 176 with illustration, fig. 5, whence SEG 9.167, PHI 324018.
Text constituted from: Transcription, supplemented from the photograph (Reynolds).


None available (2020).