IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

C.148. Dedication by the ephoroi

Description: Rectangular panel of white marble, carefully smoothened on front face (w: 0.29 x h: 0.269-0.273 x d: 0.3-0.57).
Text: Inscribed on front with axial layout, lines 3-8 with a variable space between name and father's name.
Letters: 0.014-0.024; serifs, xi with vertical central stroke, pi with projecting upper bar, tall non-slanting sigma, phi with tall vertical stroke and small oval loop; traces of red in the letters.

Date: First century BCE

Findspot: Found in 04-08-1963 in Cyrene: reused in a wall to the south of the Agora, near C.149.
Original location: Cyrene
Last recorded location: Cyrene Museum, storeroom of the Italian missions.


Ἔφοροι ( vac. 1) οἱ ἐφ’ἱαρεῦς
Εὐκλεῦς τῶ Αἰγλάνορος
Φιλόκωμος ( vac. 1) Ἀριστοτέλευς
Νίκαιος ( vac. 3) Αὐξίμω
5Ἀπολλόδωρος ( vac. 1) Ἀπολλωνίδα
Διόδωρος ( vac. 1) Ἀπολλοφάνευς
Ἀριστέας ( vac. 1) Ἁλιοδώρω
Φίλιππος ( vac. 3) Φιλίππω
( vac. 1 line)
τὰν Ἀγαθὰν Τύχαν.



English translation

Translation by: Catherine Dobias-Lalou

The ephoroi in office in the year of the priest (scil. of Apollo) Eukles son of Aiglanor, Philokomos son of Aristoteles, Nikaios son of Auximos, Apollodoros son of Apollonidas, Diodoros son of Apollophanes, Aristeas son of Haliodoros, Philippos son of Philippos (scil. dedicate) the statue of the Good Fortune.

Italian translation

Translation by: Alice Bencivenni

Gli efori in carica nell’anno del sacerdote (scil. di Apollo) Eukles figlio di Aiglanor, Philokomos figlio di Aristoteles, Nikaios figlio di Auximos, Apollodoros figlio di Apollonidas, Diodoros figlio di Apollophanes, Aristeas figlio di Haliodoros, Philippos figlio di Philippos (scil. dedicano) la statua della Agatha Tycha.

French translation

Translation by: Catherine Dobias-Lalou

Les éphores en charge l'année du prêtre (scil. d'Apollon) Euklès fils d'Aiglanôr, Philokômos fils d'Aristotélès, Nikaios fils d'Auximos, Apollodoros fils d'Apollonidas, Diodoros fils d'Apollophanès, Aristéas fils d'Haliodôros, Philippos fils de Philippos (scil. dedient) la statue de la Bonne Fortune.


The number of ephors, six instead of five as in igcyr010800 lines 33 and 82-4, testifies to a constitutional reform; on the basis of igcyr063800, this reform may precede the second half of the second century BCE The question was discussed by Fraser, Gasperini, Ottone and Chevrollier.

Bibliography: Gasperini, 1967a, 23, pp.170-71 and fig. 207, whence Robert, Bulletin Épigraphique, 1972.622a (again Gasperini, 2008, 23, pp.85-6 and fig. 23). Cf. Fraser, 1958, 3, pp.108-111; discussed, Ottone, 2000 , whence SEG 50.1629 and Robert, Bulletin Épigraphique, 2002.563; discussed Ottone, 2002 pp. 187-9, Chevrollier, 2010 pp. 132-3.
Text constituted from: Transcription (Marengo) checked from photograph and editor's archive (Dobias-Lalou).


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