IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

T.667. Funerary inscription

Description: Rock-cut tomb inscribed on the façade with T.662, T.663, T.664, T.665, T.666, T.667, T.668.
Text: Inscribed within a rectangular panel, the surface largely lost (w: 0.40 x h: 0.31). Below T.666.
Letters: 0.035.

Date: First century CE

Findspot: Taucheira: Quarry East XVII, North wall.
Original location: Findspot.
Last recorded location: Findspot.


[(ἔτους) . Φ]αρ̣μου-
[θὶ] ιδ´ Ιού-
[λιο]ς̣ [---]



English translation

Translation source: Reynolds, 1983

Year ?, Pharmouthi 14, Julius [ son of . . .

English translation

Translation by: Charlotte Roueché

[Year ?], Pharmouthi 14, Ioulios (i.e. Julius) [ . . .


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Bibliography: Reynolds, 1983, 24.f SEG 33.1456, PHI 324630.
Text constituted from: Transcription (Reynolds).


   Fig. 1. Text (Joyce Reynolds, Tocra VI.1.16A, NS.VII.16)