IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

C.49. Fragmentary list of priests of Apollo

Description: Part of a marble stele cut down and reused as an octagonal column base (w: 0.76 x h: 0.79 x d: 0.35).
Text: Inscribed on one face, each entry in a different hand. In line 7 a rough outline of a square has been incised over the Σ of ΥΙΟΣ.
Letters: First vcentury CE; lines 1-7, 0.045; line 8, 0.04; line 9, 0.03; L for ἔτους; bars above the figures and praenomina in lines 4,6; / for homonymous patronymic, in line 2; ivy leaves in lines 3, 5; guide-lines visible in lines 4-7; triangular stops, lines 2 and 4; dots for stop line 8.

Date: 67-68 CE

Findspot: Cyrene: Theatre 2/Odeon; found in 1962.
Original location: Unknown.
Last recorded location: Findspot.


[Μ(ᾶρκος) Ἀντώνιος Κερεᾶλις]
[Πτολεμαίου ((stop)) (Πτολεμαίου) ((stop)) (Πτολεμαίου) ((stop))(Πτολεμαίου) ((stop))(Πτολεμαίου)((stop)) υἱὸς]
[ ( vac. 1)? Α?]ἰ̣γ̣λάνωρ̣ ( vac. 3)
[Μητ]ρ̣όδωρος ((stop)) (Μητροδώρου) τ̣ο[ῦ]
Μ̣ητροδώρου ((leaf)) ( vac. 1)
[(ἔτους)] ϙ̣η´ ((stop)) Τι(βέριος) ((stop)) Κλαύδιος ((stop)) Ἀρχίππο[υ]
5 ( vac. 2) υἱὸς ((leaf)) Ἄρχιππος ((leaf)) ( vac. 3)
[(ἔτους)] ϙθ´ Μ(ᾶρκος) Ἀντώνιος Μ(άρκου) Ἀντωνίου
( vac. 3) Φλάμμα υἱὸς Κασκέλλιος
( vac. 4 lines)
[Σ]ωτᾶς ((stop)) Διονυσίου
[Τι(βέριος) Κλα]ύδιος Σεραπίωνο[ς υἱὸς]
( vac. 1 line)


[...].ΟΔΩΡΟΣ / .Ο[.]
5    ΥΙΟΣ ΑΡΧΙΠΠΟΣ       

English translation

Translation by: Editors

[M(arkos) Antonios Kerealis (i.e. M(arcus) Antonius Cerealis)] Aiglanor, [the son of Ptolemy (scil. the son of four generations) of Ptolemy]; Metrodoros (scil. son) of Metrodoros (scil. son) of Metrodoros; Year 98, Ti(berios) Klaudios (i.e. Ti(berius) Claudius) Archippos son of Archippos; Year 99, M(arkos) Antonios Kaskellios (i.e. M(arcus) Antonius Cascellius), son of M(arkos) Antonios Phlamma (i.e. M(arcus) Antonius Flamma); Sotas (scil. son) of Dionysios; [Ti(berios) Klau]dios (i.e. [Ti(berius) Clau]dius) [? son] of Serapion [ . . .


The text is a running list of priests of Apollo, normally brought up to date annually with the name of the new eponymus; the priests of lines 1-5 are to be dated between 63 and 67 CE (so Marengo). Lines 1 to 7 duplicate C.265 lines 3-9. C.33 may be from a higher register of the same text. Most examples of this type come from the Sanctuary of Apollo; but it appears that a duplicate set existed in the Agora; Marengo points out that the same is true for the list of priestesses of Hera . Marengo argues that these lists are not eponymous lists, comparable with the Latin fasti; insertion of a name in such lists was an honour to be compared with a honorary decree. Marengo refers to A.3 and C.276 and M.245

Opening lines restored from C.265, lines 1-3; this is the priest of Apollo in CE 65-66. f

Bibliography: Referred to by Goodchild, 1971, 88, with plate 30; lines 1-9 published Marengo, 1996, 219-116 (ph.), whence Dobias-Lalou, Bulletin Épigraphique, 1997.707, SEG 46.2204.
Text constituted from: Transcription (Reynolds).


   Fig. 1. Face (Joyce Reynolds, VIII.9)