IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

C.33. Fragmentary list of priests

Description: Two joining fragments from the top of a marble stele, cut down for reuse (surviving width of original surface w: 0.48 x h: 0.14 x d: 0.13). There is a cramp hole in the original top.
Text: Inscribed on one face. There may have been a date, or a small vacat at the beginning of line 1.
Letters: First century CE; line 1, 0.035; line 2, 0.04.

Date: First century CE

Findspot: Cyrene: Theatre 3; found in 1962.
Original location: Unknown.
Last recorded location: Cyrene Museum


[ ( vac. 2)? Ἀ]ρ̣χίστρατος̣ [ ( vac. 3)?]
[ ( vac. 2)?] Κ̣αρτισθένευς ( vac. 1)[ ( vac. 3)?]
[Τι(βέριος) Κλαύδιος Σερ]α̣π̣[ίωνος]
[υἱὸς Παγκλῆς] ( vac. 3)


[..].ΑΡΤΙΣΘΕΝΕΥΣ  [...]

English translation

Translation by: Editors

Archistratos (scil. son) of Kartisthenes, [?Ti(berios) Klaudios (i.e. Ti(berius) Claudius) Pankles (scil. son) of Ser]ap[ion].


From a running list of priest of Apollo, perhaps in fact C.49, q.v. It appears to give the same names as those in the first lines of C.393.

Text constituted from: Transcription (Reynolds).


   Fig. 1. Face (Joyce Reynolds, VI.84)