IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

C.221. Dedication to Artemis, with list of priestesses.

Description: Reverse face of a marble stele (w: 0.43 x h: 1.13 x d: 0.23) inscribed with C.219, C.220 and C.221. There is a hole on the top for the attachment of another block during the period of the original use.
Text: Inscribed on the reverse face, opposite C.219. The surface was already in poor condition when the text was cut.
Letters: Lines 1, 2, 7, 0.025; lines 3-6, 0.02; line 8, 0.03; lines 9-11, 0.015; lines 12-35, 0.015 - 0.02; cursive omega in lines 1-8; lunate epsilon, lunate sigma, cursive omega, in lines 9-27; square sigma in line 22; dot for abbreviations

Date: c. 180 CE

Findspot: Cyrene: Byzantine Baths, found in 1922, re-used as a paving stone.
Original location: Unknown. Ferri states that it fits onto a fragment of marble at that time in the Temple of Artemis, proving that it stood there during the period of its second use; we were unable to check this.
Last recorded location: Cyrene Museum garden, (2008).


Τὴν Ἄρτεμιν ἐκ
τῶν ἀναθημάτων
τῶν τεθέντων αὐ-
τῇ Νουμίσιος Μαρ-
5κελλιανὸς ἀνθύ-
πατος ἀφιέρωϲεν
διὰ ἱερέος Τι(βερίου) Κλ(αυδίου)
( vac. 7) Βάττου
παραϲτήσαντοϲ λ(ίτρας) ιζ´ ((onchias)) η´ Βάττῳ
10Λ(ουκίου) Ἀντωνίου Ϲεκούνδου νεωκόρου ἱερειῶν Ἀρτέμι̣-
( vac. 12)δοϲ τῶνδε ( vac. 12)
Κλ(αυδία) Ἀράτα ( vac. 10) ὀγ(κίαϲ) γ´
Μουνατία Ἀράτα ( vac. 7) ὀγ(κίαϲ) ⟦Ε⟧ η´
Ὀλυμπιὰϲ̣ Κα̣ρνεάδου ( vac. 5) ὀγ(κίαϲ) ε´
15Ἀντωνία Πρό[κ]λ̣α ( vac. 8) ὀγ(κίαϲ) ϛ´
Ἀνχαρήνα Τειμὼ ( vac. 7) ὀγ(κίαϲ) η´
Κλ(αυδία) Φαυϲτεῖνα ( vac. 7) ὀγ(κίαϲ) ϛ´
Τελεσὼ Ἡγηϲίου ( vac. 8) ὀγ(κίαϲ) ϛ´
Ἀνχαρήνα Κα̣λιβώλα ( vac. 4) ὀγ(κίαϲ) ε´
20Κλ(αυδία) Πρόκλα ( vac. 10) ὀγ(κίαϲ) γ´
Μεγὼ Ε̣ὐ̣φρανορο[ϲ] ( vac. 7) ὀγ(κίαϲ) ε´
Κλ(αυδία) Φα̣υνίλλα̣ ( vac. 8) ὀγ(κίαϲ) ϛ´ καὶ βῶϲ ὀν(κίας) ι´ λ(ίτρας) δ̣´
Ὀλυμπιὰϲ Θεοφίλου ( vac. 5) ὀγ(κίαϲ) γ´
Ἀναξὼ Εὐφράνοροϲ ( vac. 4) ὀγ(κίαϲ) γ´
25Βηδ̣ία Μαρεῖνα ( vac. 9) ὀγ(κίαϲ) γ´
Φλαβία Κυδι( vac. 2)μάχη ( vac. 3) ὀγ(κίαϲ) δ´
Ἰουλία Κλεομ( vac. 2)ήδα ( vac. 3) ὀγ(κίαϲ) ι´
Μεγὼ Εὐβούλου ( vac. 6) ⟦Ο⟧ ὀγ(κίαϲ) δ´
Φλ(αβία) Νεικί( vac. 2)ππα ( vac. 4) ⟦Ο⟧ ὀγ(κίαϲ) γ´
30Ἰουλία Φλακκίλλα λ(ίτραν) α´
Φλ(αβία) Ἰουϲτινίλλα ( vac. 3) ὀγ(κίαϲ) ι´
Ϲηϲτία Φαυϲτίλλα ( vac. 3) ὀ[γ](κίαϲ) ε̣´
Βελυδρία ( vac. 10) ὀγ(κίαϲ) ι̣´
Βάττοϲ ὑπὲρ τῆϲ πόλεωϲ ὀγ(κίαϲ) ϛ̣´
35Ἅβρολ̣λ̣α ἔλαφ̣ον καὶ κάδιν λ(ίτραν) α´ [ὀγ(κίαϲ)] η´


ΚΛΑΡΑΤΑ                    ΟΓΓ
15ΑΝΤΩΝΙΑΠΡΟ[.].Α                ΟΓϚ
ΚΛΦΑΥϹΤΕΙΝΑ              ΟΓϚ
ΤΕΛΕΣΩΗΓΗϹΙΟΥ                ΟΓϚ
20ΚΛΠΡΟΚΛΑ                    ΟΓΓ
ΜΕΓΩ..ΦΡΑΝΟΡΟ[.]              ΟΓΕ
25ΒΗ.ΙΑΜΑΡΕΙΝΑ                  ΟΓΓ
ΦΛΝΕΙΚΙ    ΠΠΑ        ⟦Ο⟧ΟΓΓ
ΒΕΛΥΔΡΙΑ                    ΟΓ.


35: ἄβρωμα ἔλαφον κ(α)ὶ κάδιν Oliverio, DAI, 1933-1936

Italian translation

Translation by:

(Lines 1-8): Un simulacro di Artemide, (acquistato) con le orerie per quello depositate, Numisio Marcelliano proconsole, dedicò, per mezzo del sacerdote Tiberio Claudio Batto, essendo stato assistito Batto da Lucio Antonio Secondo custode del tempio; sacerdotesse di Artemide le seguenti...

Italian translation

Translation source: Oliverio, DAI, 1932-1933

La statua di Artemide (fatta) con gli ex-voto, che erano stati offerti ad essa, Numisio Marcelliano proconsole ha consacrata, per mano del sacerdote Tiberio Claudio Batto; avendo consegnato libbre 17 (ed oncie) 8 a Batto Lucio Antonio Secondo, neocoro (ottenute dagli ex-voto) dell sacerdotesse di Aretemide, che seguono: Claudia Arata on(cie) 3; Munazia Arata on(cie) 8; Olimpiade di Carneade on(cie) 5; Antonia Procla on(cie) 6; Ancherena Timó on(cie) 8; Claudia Faustina on(cie) 6; Telesó di Egesia on(cie) 6; Ancarena Callibola on(cie) 5; Claudia Procla on(cie) 3; Megó di Eufranore on(cie) 5; Claudia Faunilla on(cie) 6 e lo scudo on(cie) 10 libbre 4; Olimpiade ti Teofilo on(cie) 3; Anaxó di Eufranore on(cie) 3; Vedia Marina on(cie) 3; Flavia Cydimaca on(cie) 4;Giulia Cleomeda on(cie) 10; Megó di Eubulo on(cie) 4; Flavia Nicippa on(cie) 3; Giulia Flaccilla libbra 1; Flavia Giustinilla on(cie) 10; Sesta Faustilla on(cie) 5; Velidria on(cie) 10; Batto per (la salute del)la cittadinanza on(cie) 6; La stola, il cervo ed il cadisco on(cie) 8 libbra 1

English translation

Translation by: Charlotte Roueché

The statue of Artemis, from the dedications which have been made to her, Numisius Marcellianus, proconsul, consecrated, through the agency of the priest Ti(berios) Kl(audios) (i.e. Ti(berius) Cl(audius)) Battos : L(oukios) Antonios Sekoundos (i.e. L(ucius) Antonius Secundus), neokoros provided to Battos 17 pounds, (i.e. litra) 8 ounces, from the following priestesses of Artemis: Kl(audia) (i.e. Cl(audia)) Arata, 3 ounces; Mounatia (i.e. Munatia) Arata, 8 ounces; Olympias (scil. daughter) of Karnedas, 5 ounces; Antonia Prokla, 6 ounces; Ancharena Teimo, 8 ounces; Kl(audia) Phausteina (i.e. Cl(audia) Faustina), 6 ounces; Teleso (scil. daughter) of Hegesias, 6 ounces; Ancharena Teimo, 5 ounces; Kl(audia) (i.e. Cl(audia)) Prokla , 3 ounces; Mego (scil. daughter) of Euphranor 5 ounces; Kl(audia) Phaunilla (i.e. Cl(audia) Faunilla), 6 ounces, and an ox, 10 ounces, pounds (i.e. litra); Olympias (scil. daughter) of Theophilos, 3 ounces; Anaxo (scil. daughter) of Euphranor, 3 ounces; Bedia (i.e. Vedia) Marina, 3 ounces; Phlabia (i.e. Flavia) Kudimacha, 4 ounces; Ioulia (i.e. Julia) Kleomeda, 10 ounces; Mego (scil. daughter) of Euboulos, 4 ounces; Phl(abia) (i.e. Fl(avia)) Neikippa, 3 ounces; Ioulia Phlakkilla (i.e. Julia Flaccilla), 1 ounce; Phl(abia) Ioustinilla (i.e. Fl(avia) Justinilla), 10 ounces; Sestia Phaustilla (i.e. Sestia Faustilla), 5 ounces; Beludria, 10 ounces; Battos, on behalf of the city, 6 ounces; Habrolla a deer (?) and a jar, one pound, 8 [ounces].


Lines 6, 33: For the proconsul, Numisius Marcellianus, PIR2, N211, see C.143, C.220, C.221, C.305, and C.299, dated under a M. Aurelius Antoninus; not known outside Cyrenaica. Oliverio placed his governorship under Caracalla, on the basis of the letter forms of the three inscriptions; Romanelli, rightly we think, preferred M. Aurelius since a date before the constitutio Antoniniana is indicated by the noticeable proportion of priestess listed here without Roman gentilicia.

Line 10: Antonius Secundus: His contribution, 17 litra 8 ounces, is the sum total of the contributions of the priestesses and the city - he was clearly the treasurer.

Line 35: Oliverio took the first word as ἄβρωμα which he interpreted as a robe, and the second as ἔλαφον. We believe this to be a misreading; Ferri read ἐλαίον which seems to us a possible alternative to ἔλαφον.

Bibliography: Ferri, 1925, 5 p.29f., and Ferri, 1923; Oliverio, DAI, 1932-1933, 49 p.169, pl. XXXI, figs 47 and 48, whence SEG 9.176, PHI 324027, AE 1934.255; see also Vitali, 1932, 119; Romanelli, 1943, 129.
Text constituted from: Transcription (Reynolds).


   Fig. 1. Face (2008, H.Walda)

   Fig. 2. Face, upper part (2008, H.Walda)

   Fig. 3. Face, upper part (2008, H.Walda)

   Fig. 4. Face, lower part (2008, H.Walda)