IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

T.491. Funerary inscription

Description: Rock-cut tomb inscribed on the façade, which is still partly buried, with texts T.489, T.490, T.491, T.492, T.493, T.494.
Text: Inscribed within a panel of roughly conical shape (w: 0.21 x h: 0.40) outlined by an incised line, to the right of T.490.
Letters: 0.025; L for ἔτους, ἐτῶν.

Date: First century CE

Findspot: Taucheira: Quarry East XV, south wall; first recorded in 1936.
Original location: Findspot.
Last recorded location: Findspot.


(ἔτους) γ´ Τυ-
βὶ κ´ Σε-
5(ἐτῶν) λε´


5 L ΛΕ


2: Κ : Β Gray, 1956
3: ΦΟΡΙΣΑ Gray, 1956
4: ΒΕΩΤΟΣ Gray, 1956

Italian translation

Translation source: Oliverio, DAI, 1933-1936

Anno 3, Tybi 20. Seconda di Eros, di anni 35

English translation

Translation source: Gray, 1956

Year 3, Tubi 2nd, Sephoris, daughter of Abeos, aged 35

German translation

Translation source: Lüderitz-Reynolds, 1983

(Jahr) 3, 20.Tybi, Secunda des Eros, 35 (Jahre)

English translation

Translation by: Editors

Year 3, Tybi 20, Sekonda (i.e. Secunda) (scil. daughter) of Eros, aged 35.


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Bibliography: Oliverio, DAI, 1933-1936, 413 (287, La.XV.11.8), p. 225, pl. LXXXI, fig. 46, whence SEG 9.676; Gray, 1956, 26, whence Robert, Bulletin Épigraphique, 1958.541, listed, SEG 16.927; Lüderitz-Reynolds, 1983, 51.c.
Text constituted from: Transcription (Reynolds).


   Fig. 1. View of the façade. From left: First group: T.489, T.490, T.491, T.492, ?T.493, ? T.494; second group: T.499 above T.498 above T.495 and T.496, T.500 above T.497, T.501 above T.502, T.503, T.504, T.505, T.506, T.507, T.509 above T.510 above T.511, T.515 aboveT.514 above T.513 above T.512. (Reynolds XII.9)