IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

T.291. Funerary inscription

Description: Rock-cut tomb inscribed on the façade with T.291, T.292 and T.293.
Text: Inscribed within a raised tabella ansata (panel, w: 0.48 x h: 0.25) whose surface is badly damaged. Above the door, to the right.
Letters: 0.04; lunate epsilon, sigma.

Date: First century A.D

Findspot: Taucheira: Quarry East II, east wall. First recorded in 1910.
Original location: Findspot.
Last recorded location: Findspot.


Ἐ̣π̣ι(φὶ) κη´ ( vac. 1)
Γ̣ειϲ δ̣[ο]ύ-
λη Ϲα̣[..]τ̣-
υλ̣λ̣α̣ (ἐτῶν) γ´


Υ... L Γ


1: ϹΠΙΚΗ (?Σπίκη/ς, Ἐπικ[λ]ῆ/ς, Ἐπική/ς) Robinson, 1913; Ἐπι[φ] κη΄ Oliverio, DAI, 1933-1936 The abbreviation of the month name is unusual but seems the most natural explanation, since the cutter left space at the end of the line as if he had completed his word or phrase; against it is the absence of any space between ΕΠΙ and ΚΗ.
2: ΣΕΚΔΟΥ (-ς ἐκ δού-) Robinson, 1913; Σεισμ υ Oliverio, DAI, 1933-1936 The first letter has been read as sigma, but this cutter's sigma is lunate; the lower horizontal is almost certainly a chip on the surface.
3: ΛΗΣΛΝΤ (-λης Ἀντ-) Robinson, 1913 whence LGPN V1-60001 Ἄντυλλα; -λη Ὁμ[αρ]γ Oliverio, DAI, 1933-1936
4: ΥΛΛΑΣ (-ύλλας) Robinson, 1913; υλλί[ωνος] Oliverio, DAI, 1933-1936

Italian translation

Translation source: Oliverio, DAI, 1933-1936

Epiph 28. Sismula di Omargillione

English translation

Translation by: Editors

a: Epeiph 28, Geis, slave of Sa[?]ulla, aged ?3.


Line 4: Perhaps, aged 3, 13 or a multiple of 10+3.

Bibliography: Robinson, 1913, from De Cou, 108, with a drawing; Oliverio, DAI, 1933-1936, 291 (166: La.II.I,1), pl.LXXVI, fig.35, whence SEG 9.559
Text constituted from: Transcription (Reynolds).


   Fig. 1. View of façade, T.291 above, T.292 (Department of Antiquities, F.1060)

   Fig. 2. View of façade, T.291 above, T.292 below right, T.293 further to the right (Joyce Reynolds, Tocra VI.5.38, NS.VII.38)

   Fig. 3. Detail (Joyce Reynolds, Tocra VI.5.38)