IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

B.61. Funerary inscriptions

Description: Rock-cut tomb, with B.54 on the façade, B.56, B.57, B.58, B.59, B.60, B.61, B.62, B.63, B.64, B.65, B.66. B.67, B.68 on the interior walls.
Text: Inscribed on an internal wall.
Letters: No description

Date: Hellenistic or early Roman

Findspot: Berenike, Ain es-Selmani; recorded in 1860.
Original location: Findspot.
Last recorded location: Findspot.





English translation

Translation by: Charlotte Roueché

(Not usefully translatable)


For the tomb see Bailey, art. cit.

Either one name (Ἀγησῖνος or Ἀνταγορησῖνος?) or name plus patronymic (Αἶνις or a related name followed by a form in -ωνος? Dobias-Lalou wonders whether B.62 should be read with this text to provide the funerary imprecation μὴ ἀνοίγῃς and the interdiction τίθεν (dialectal form of the infinitive) τινὰ ξένον.

Bibliography: Copied by F.H. Crowe in 1860, whence Bailey, 1988, 92 and fig. 5, whence Reynolds, 2002, 7 whence Dobias-Lalou, Bulletin Épigraphique, 2004.439, SEG 52.1826
Text constituted from: Transcription from previous publication (Reynolds).


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