IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

M.55. Military names

Description: Left side of a limestone stele, broken below (w: 0.21 x h: 0.26 x d: 0.14). Presumably one of a group of inscribed stones, otherwise lost: M.45, M.46, M.47, M.48, and M.49.
Text: Graffiti on one face, the first line on a raised panel.
Letters: Very rough and difficult to read: lines 1-6, ave. 0.025, line 7, 0.015; lunate epsilon and sigma, cursive omega; strongly marked guide-lines except for lines 1,7, which may, therefore, represent separate texts.

Date: First - third century CE

Findspot: South of Berenike: Esc-Sheleidima; perhaps one of the fragments found and photographed by members of an Italian army unit in 1927.
Original location: Unknown.
Last recorded location: Cyrene Museum.


[c. 5]ΩΓ̣ΡΑ̣[---]
[---] κ̣ουράτω̣[ρ ---]
[ἱ]π̣πεὺϲ βιξ[ιλλατίωνοϲ]
[Λ?]όγγ̣ο̣υ̣ Ι̣[.]Κ̣[---]
[c. 6]ΑΤ̣Ι̣[.]Λ̣Λ̣Ι̣ΡΟΝΗ̣[---]



English translation

Translation by: Charlotte Roueché

. . . ] curato[r . . . ] cavaryman [of the] vex[illation . . . L]ongos


Lines 3-4 show that the texts are likely to be the graffiti of soldiers.

For another curator see M.49.vii; this may be a curator turmae, although the vexillation of line 4 (if this is the correct interpretation) suggest a legionary detachment, and there are other military curatores.

Line 4: For another cavalry man at Sheleidima see M.48.

Text constituted from: Transcription (Reynolds).


   Fig. 1. Face (1961-05-26, Joyce Reynolds III.56)