IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

C.668. Fragmentary list? of ?priestesses

Description: Two adjoining fragments from the left end of the upper moulding of a marble panel; it was later worked at the back and at the sides (w: 0.18 x h: 0.55 x d: 0.06).
Text: Inscribed on one face, on the upper rim (line 1) and below.
Letters: Augustan to first century CE: 0.015.

Date: Augustan to first century CE

Findspot: Cyrene: found before 1941; findspot unrecorded.
Original location: Unknown.
Last recorded location: Cyrene Museum.


( vac. 4) Ἐπαγὼ [---]
Ἐ̣παγὼ Καρνή[δα ---]



English translation

Translation by: Charlotte Roueché

Epago [ . . . ], Epago (scil. daughter) of Karne[ades . . .


The text may be from a list of priestesses of Artemis or Hera.

Bibliography: SECir, 1961-1962, 179.
Text constituted from: Transcription (Reynolds).


   Fig. 1. Face (E. Alföldi-Rosenbaum; Reynolds VIII.77)

   Fig. 2. Face (E. Alföldi-Rosenbaum; Reynolds VIII.78)