IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

C.23. List of names and ?reserved places

Description: Three fragments of a white marble stele pasted together, broken off at upper left angle and below on the whole width, all edges chipped off, dowel hole on top, slightly tapering (w: 0.30 x h: 0.46 x d: 0.12-0.13).
Text: Inscribed on front face, with varying spaces between the names and the repeated word at right, so as to form a columnar layout.
Letters: Perhaps Flavian; lines 1-2 : 0.011; lines 3-31 : 0.009; careful lettering with serifs; alpha with central bar, theta with a short central bar, pi with projecting upper bar, non-slanting sigma, phi with oval loop.

Date: Late first century BCE or early first century CE

Findspot: Found in 1962 at Cyrene, in the Theatre 2 (also called Odeon).
Original location: Unknown
Last recorded location: Cyrene Museum: seen by Dobias-Lalou in 1979. (Inv. no. 1840)



[---] ( vac. ) τόπος
[---] Νικηφόρο[ς]
[---] ( vac. ) τόπος
[---] ( vac. ) τόπος
5[---]ς̣ ( vac. 3) τόπος
[---]ί̣τ̣ω ( vac. 5) τόπος
[c. 4]ά̣νορος ( vac. 6) τόπος
[Θ]ε̣υδώρω ( vac. 8) τόπος
Ἀριστέα ( vac. 8) τόπος
10Πολυκλεῦς ( vac. 6) τόπος
Βακαλος ( vac. 9) τόπος
Ξηνοφάντω ( vac. 6) τόπο[ς]
[Ν]ικαίω ( vac. 11) τόπ[ος]
[Μ]νάσωνος ( vac. 7) τόπο[ς]
15Λ̣υσίππω ( vac. 9) τόπο[ς]
Δ̣αμοσθένευς ( vac. 3) τόπος
Ἀντιπάτρω ( vac. 6) τόπος
Φ̣αινίππω ( vac. 9) τόπος
[Φ]ι̣λ̣ί̣π̣πω ( vac. 10) τόπος
20[Ἠρ]ι̣λόχω ( vac. 11) τόπο[ς]
Π̣ράτιος ( vac. 10) τόπ[ος]
Κ̣αλλιγνώ[τω] ( vac. 7) τόπος
Ἀλεξιμάχω ( vac. 6) τόπος
Εὐίππω̣ ( vac. 10) τόπος
25Εὐμηλίδα ( vac. 8) τόπος
Νικομήδευς ( vac. 6) τόπος
Δαμοσθένευς ( vac. 3) τόπος
Π̣ασικράτευς ( vac. 3) τόπος
[Ἀ]π̣ολλω[νίω] ( vac. 5) τόπος
30[--- ( vac. ) τ]όπος
[--- ( vac. ) τό]π̣ος



[---]      ΤΟΠΟΣ
[---]      ΤΟΠΟΣ
[---]      ΤΟΠΟΣ
5[---].      ΤΟΠΟΣ
[---]..Ω          ΤΟΠΟΣ
[····].ΝΟΡΟΣ            ΤΟΠΟΣ
[.].ΥΔΩΡΩ                ΤΟΠΟΣ
ΑΡΙΣΤΕΑ                ΤΟΠΟΣ
10ΠΟΛΥΚΛΕΥΣ            ΤΟΠΟΣ
ΒΑΚΑΛΟΣ                  ΤΟΠΟΣ
ΞΗΝΟΦΑΝΤΩ            ΤΟΠΟ[.]
[.]ΙΚΑΙΩ                      ΤΟΠ[..]
[.]ΝΑΣΩΝΟΣ              ΤΟΠΟ[.]
15.ΥΣΙΠΠΩ                  ΤΟΠΟ[.]
.ΑΙΝΙΠΠΩ                  ΤΟΠΟΣ
[.]....ΠΩ                    ΤΟΠΟΣ
20[..].ΛΟΧΩ                      ΤΟΠΟ[.]
.ΡΑΤΙΟΣ                    ΤΟΠ[..]
.ΑΛΛΙΓΝΩ[..]              ΤΟΠΟΣ
ΕΥΙΠΠ.                    ΤΟΠΟΣ
25ΕΥΜΗΛΙΔΑ                ΤΟΠΟΣ
[.].ΟΛΛΩ[...]          ΤΟΠΟΣ


14: Ὠνασώνος jmr
20: [Ἀνι]όχω jmr
22: Κ̣αλλιγνώ[τω] : Καλλιγνώτω Dobias-Lalou, 2013

French translation

Translation by: Catherine Dobias-Lalou

. . . ] emplacement(s) Nikèphoros [---]: emplacement d'[Untel], (5) emplacement d'[Untel], emplacement de [ . ? . .-]itos, emplacement de [ . . . . ]anôr, emplacement de Theudôros, emplacement d'Aristéas, (10) emplacement de Polyklès, emplacement de Bakal, emplacement de Xènophantos, emplacement de Nikaios, emplacement de Mnasôn, (15) emplacement de Lysippos, emplacement de Damosthénès, emplacement d'Antipatros, emplacement de Phainippos, emplacement de Philippos, (20) emplacement d'Erilokhos, emplacement de Pratis, emplacement de Kallignôtos, emplacement d'Aleximakhos, emplacement d'Euippos, (25) emplacement d'Eumèlidas, emplacement de Nikomèdès, emplacement de Damosthénès, emplacement de Pasikratès, emplacement d' Apollônios, (30) emplacement d'[Untel], emplacement d'[Untel, . . .

English translation

Translation by: Catherine Dobias-Lalou

. . . ] place(s) Nikephoros [ . . . ]: place of [So-and-so], place of [So-and-so], (5) place of [So-and-so], place of [ . . -]itos, place of [ . . . -]anor, place of Theudoros, place of Aristeas, (10) place of Polykles, place of Bakal, place of Xenophantos, place of Nikaios, place of Mnason, (15) place of Lysippos, place of Damosthenes, place of Antipatros, place of Phainippos, place of Philippos, (20) place of Erilochos, place of Pratis, place of Kallignotos, place of Aleximachos, place of Euippos, (25) place of Eumelidas, place of Nikomedes, place of Damosthenes, place of Pasikrates, place of Apollonios, (30) place of [So-and-so], place of [So-and-so . . .

Italian translation

Translation by: Alice Bencivenni

. . .] posto (posti) Nikephoros [ . . . ]: posto di [Un tale], posto di [Un tale], (5) posto di [Un tale], posto di [ . . . -]itos, posto di [ . . . -]anor, posto di Theudoros, posto di Aristeas, (10) posto di Polykles, posto di Bakal, posto di Xenophantos, posto di Nikaios, posto di Mnason, (15) posto di Lysippos, posto di Damosthenes, posto di Antipatros, posto di Phainippos, posto di Philippos, (20) posto di Erilochos, posto di Pratis, posto di Kallignotos, posto di Aleximachos, posto di Euippos, (25) posto di Eumelidas, posto di Nikomedes, posto di Damosthenes, posto di Pasikrates, posto di Apollonios, (30) posto di [Un tale], posto di [Un tale, . . .


Lines 1 and 2 in larger characters are obviously a heading. In the local dialect, τόπος might be either a nominative singular or an accusative plural, so that we cannot supply a formular sentence. Νικήφορος, in the nominative, cannot reflect the formulation used in the following lines. It seems to be a personal name rather than a royal title or divine epithet.

From line 3 on, we have a list of places (τόπος) attributed to or owned by different persons. Those places might be either seats or spaces for any activity. The stone was probably brought to the later Theatre 2 for reuse of the marble.

Line 7: both Αἰγλάνωρ and Πολυάνωρ, which are common at Cyrene, would fit the gap.

Bibliography: Dobias-Lalou, 2013, 172-178, with photographs pp. 419-420, whence SEG 64.2028, Dobias-Lalou, Bulletin Épigraphique, 2014.536.
Text constituted from: Transcription from stone (Reynolds, Dobias-Lalou)


   Fig. 1. Face (C. Dobias-Lalou, 1979: MFA C.000018)