IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

P.233. Fragmentary funerary inscription

Description: Fragment of limestone (w: 0.36 x h: 0.21 x d: 0.15)
Text: Inscribed on one face
Letters: Second to third century; 0.07, diamond omicron, square sigma (line 1) and lunate (line 2); probably two hands.

Date: Second to third centuries CE

Findspot: Ptolemais: Quarry I.a.
Original location: Unknown
Last recorded location: Tolmeita Museum.


[---]εοϲ ὁ καὶ Βι[---]
[--- Λεω]νίδαϲ Θαμ[---]



English translation

Translation by: Editors

. . -]eos also called Bi[- . . . Leo]nidas Tham[- . . .


There were probably two entries, recording two persons buried at different times in the same tomb.

Text constituted from: Transcription (Reynolds).


   Fig. 1. Text (Joyce Reynolds, Tolmeita I (NB V). 50)