IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

M.203. Christian invocation

Description: Mosaic floor.
Text: Mosaic lettering, in pebbles of two colours. i preceded by a circle enclosing a framed image of what seems to be an orans. To the right, ii, arranged around a monogram cross, and contained with a wreath; further to the right a palm-tree, and then traces of another wreath.
Letters: Not described

Date: End of fifth to seventh centuries CE

Findspot: Gebel Akhdar: West of Cyrene: Siret al-Jamil, near Beida.
Original location: In the cella vinaria of a fortified agricultural villa.
Last recorded location: Findspot.


Ἄ(λφα) ( vac. 4) Ὠ(μέγα)
Χ(ριστὸν?) Μ(αρία?) γ(εννᾷ?)


Α        Ω


English translation

Translation source: Reynolds-Ward-Perkins-Goodchild, 2003

Emmanuel (i.e. God with us)

Alpha and Omega

?M(ary) b(ore) Ch(rist)


Stucchi believed that Emmanuel was the name of the owner; but Emmanuel is rare as a name in the epigraphic record of the appropriate date. Instead, it is explained as having its biblical meaning, "God with us", μεθ’ ἡμῶν ὁ θ(εό)ς in several texts: e.g. RIChrM 274, available at PHI 151678 TAM IV,1 369, available at PHI 279191, with Feissel in BullEp 1996.606. it is more usual for an inscription in this kind of position to be apotropaic and that is how it is interpreted by Catani. For a very full discussion see Catani, art.cit.

Bibliography: Catani, 1978; reported by Reynolds-Ward-Perkins-Goodchild, 2003, 413.
Text constituted from: Transcription (Reynolds).


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