IRCyr   Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

M.156. Funerary inscription

Description: Stele of local sandstone, damaged along the top edge, especially at the upper right corner: w: 0.29 x h: 0.475 x d: 0.135
Text: Inscribed on one face which is damaged at the left side of lines 5 - 7. Each entruy in a different hand
Letters: Perhaps second century CE; probably 5 different hands; the face was originally laid out with seven deeply scored guidelines, but the first cutter began on the third. lines 1-5, 0.027; line 6, 0.03; line 7, 0.021; line 8, 0.02; line 9, 0.012; line 10, 0.016; alpha with dropped bar in lines 1, 2, 4 and perhaps 7,8, straight bar line 5, cursive in lines 7 - 9; lunate sigma and omega and lunate epsilon for the figure in line

Date: Probably second century CE

Findspot: Gebel Akhdar: West of Cyrene: Messa, on the east side of the Messa/Haniya road, some 12 kms. to the north, in a rock-cut tomb, found with M.154, M.155, probably with M.157.
Original location: Unknown
Last recorded location: Cyrene Museum


( vac. 3) (ἐτῶν) ( vac. 1) ξ´ ( vac. 3)
Πελήα Ϲώσιϲ
5(ἐτῶν?) α̣´ Πανα̣ρ̣ίϲτα Ϲ-
ώσιϲ (ἐτῶν) οε´
Ἀ̣ρ̣ί̣ϲ̣τ̣ιπποϲ Αἰα-
λάντοϲ ( vac. 3) (ἐτῶν) νβ´
Αἰάλαν Ἀριϲτίππω
10 ( vac. 3) (ἐτῶν) κε´ ( vac. 3)


       L   Ξ      
10       L ΚΕ      

English translation

Translation by: Editors

Aialan (scil. son) of Aialan, aged 60

Pelea (scil. daughter) of Sosis, ? aged 1

Panarista(?) (scil. daughter?) of Sosis, aged 75

Aristippos(?) (scil. son) of Aialan, aged 52

Aialan (scil. son) of Aristippos aged 25


Line 3: it is just possible that another figure was cut and then erased between and Ζ

Lines 4,6: both women were presumably daughters of a Sosis, but for both the genitive case of the patronymic is incorrectly formed (Σώσις for Σώσιος); compare Τιμις, M.150

Line 5: the figure might be λ' = 30, but the shape of serifs on the base line seems to rule out Δ = 4. It is not absolutely clear whether LA here concludes the preceding item or opens the next; it has a dropped bar which links it with line 4 and distinguished it from what follows.

Line 7: in the damaged area it is difficult to distinguish strokes from accidental scratches and the reading is not quite certain - a name like Πάσιππος is also possible.

Lines 1, 2, 7, 9: For the Libyan name Αιαλαν see Masson, 1976.. The other names are Greek and, with the exception of Παναρίστα well-known in Cyrene and its neighbourhood, see LGPN.

Bibliography: Mohamed-Reynolds, 1992, 4 and plate IV, whence SEG 42.1671
Text constituted from: Transcription (Reynolds).


   Fig. 1. Face (Reynolds, SB.III.180)

   Fig. 2. Face (Reynolds, SB.III.182)